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God Had Other Plans for Me - Confirmation Testimony

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By Katie Bonnett

BONNETT-BRIAN-256Our eighth grade students were confirmed at Community Lutheran Church campuses in Escondido and San Marcos on Sunday, May 19th.  In case you missed it, we are posting twelve of their testimonies here on our church blog.

Hi. My name is Katie Lynn Bonnett. My parents are Brian and Julie Bonnett, and my grandparents are Caroline and John Thompson and Joyce and Tony Carter. My great grandmothers are Peggy Tilly and Nadine Bonnett. You may have seen me acolyte here a few times. As you all know I am a Christian, a servant to the Lord our God. I have been coming here since I was a baby, yet not that often anymore since I have moved to La Jolla. But I am still a Christian just as you all are. And one of the most important ceremonies we have as Christian is the baptism ceremony. Pastor Vogelsang baptized me in UCSD hospital just minutes after I was born on February 4th 1999. My faith started to grow stronger when I was about 10 minutes old. And I was going to need that faith more than ever. I was supposed to die. I was very small for the average baby. I only weighed 1lb 6oz. There was absolutely no chance I was going to live, and even if there was it was a very small chance. But then a miracle happened, I survived. I believe, no, I know that the Lord gave me the gift of life because he had other plans for me. I don’t know what they are yet, but he does. So far, the only thing I want to do in at least 10 years is write fantasy and realistic fiction books. I know I am meant to do something great with my life, but the way I’m going at it now, well I haven’t been using the gifts God has given me. I am not going to make promises to change though, because if I’ve learned one thing from my 14 years on Earth, its that actions speak louder than words, and I’ll let my actions speak for themselves rather than anything I might say now or later. 

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