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Confirmation Testimony: Alex Smigal

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My name is Alexander Smigal. I am the son of John and Nancy Smigal.  I have been going to Community Lutheran church since I was 2 years old.  My faith started at my baptism and has grown through attending christian school and going through confirmation.  My baptism washed away my sins and brought me into God's family.  I was taught about Jesus by my teachers all throughout elementary school and my faith has really grown by being taught by Kristin, Joel and Jim during confirmation classes. My family has supported my faith by teaching me to pray, talking about Jesus and taking me to church.  I have been very blessed by these opportunities.

At the cross Jesus gave his life and completed the only work we will ever need to get into heaven.  That's great because it means that we rely solely on God's grace to receive salvation.  It is not by anything we do.  Being a christian sets me apart because even death is not a problem.  It also can be a challenge because it means that God will not let you get away with sin and might send hardship into your life to drive you back to him.  Communion is the body and blood of Jesus Christ in, with and under the bread and wine. To me communion is a time of unity between christians and Jesus.  It reminds me of the sacrifice he made on the cross for me and for every other Christian.

Five years from now I hope to be in college pursuing a path to be an officer in the Air Force.  But even if that doesn’t happen I will be comforted knowing that God already has a plan for my life.  He says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  This verse reminds me that no matter what happens in my life God's plan for me is good.  It is not a promise that I will gain material wealth or an easy carefree life but it does promise that God can take any situation even a seemingly bad situation and use it to help me grow in my faith.  I am also comforted knowing that my God is loving and is in control.  One example, that I have seen, of the control of God over everything, is our church getting Pastor Bob as our new pastor.  When I went to the District Youth Gathering 2 years ago and saw him speak, I remember telling Jim that I wished we could have him as our new pastor.  Two years later after a lot of prayer and God working in a lot of people’s lives he is here.  I trust that God will have that kind of control over my life too.

After I leave home I hope to find a good church that teaches the Bible.  I also hope to find a supportive group of Christian friends that will encourage me in my walk with God.  The best way to know the word of God is to read and study it.  I want to make Bible reading and prayer a regular part of my life. No matter where life takes me I will always appreciate the solid foundation that I got growing up at Community Lutheran Church.

A lot of people have helped me grow spiritually since my first time at Community,  from Mrs. Vogelsang’s 0-2 sunday school class, Pastor Vogelsang,  all my sunday school teachers, my elementary school teachers, my parents, my christian friends and confirmation classes with Kristin, Pastor Joel and even Jim. I feel fortunate to be growing up in a place where the Bible is taught.



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