Community Lutheran Church - Escondido


3575 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027

Entrance on the Lake Wohlford Road


Senior Pastor

Pastor Bob Hiller

Sunday Services

Worship - 7:45 AM & 10:00 AM (Blended)
Bible Study & Sunday School - 9:00 AM all ages

Sunday Sermons

Community Lutheran Church - San Marcos


340 Rancheros Drive Suite 160
San Marcos, CA 92069

Sunday Services

Join us for worship on Sundays in our new building

Worship - 9:30 AM
Bible Study - 10:45 AM all ages


Pastor Bob Hiller



  • Two Church Campuses, One Mission:
  • Escondido
  • San Marcos

Community Blog

Interview with Sara, Kayla, and Kathryn Tracy - Community Tree Project

Posted by Michelle Kruest on

Would you tell me your name and how old you are? Kathryn: My name is Kathryn. I am 10 years old and I am in 4th grade. Kayla: My name is Kayla and I am 12 years old. I am in 7th grade Sara: My name is Sara. I am 15 years and I am a sophomore. I hear your family was all over San Diego today...

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Interview with Rev. Jim Wessel - Community Tree Project

Posted by Michelle Kruest on

When did you start attending Community? We started attending Community two years ago. My wife and I moved to San Diego from Ohio. We moved to San Diego because, one, we had lived in California before. And second, my daughter (who lives in San Diego) and my wife had been discussing things...

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Tags: jim wessel, pastor, retired, chaplain, chaplain's cross, san diego

Interview with Les Beccue - Community Tree Project

Posted by Michelle Kruest on

How did you find Community Lutheran Church? When I retired in 1998 from teaching at Grace Lutheran Church (Escondido) and my wife retired in 1998 from teaching at Christ Lutheran church (La Masa), we each decided that we were not going to join the church of the other spouse. I figured if I am...

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Tags: school teacher, israel, saint louis, cardinals, baseball, les beccue

Interview with Janet Stanley - Community Tree Project

Posted by Michelle Kruest on

How long have you been attending Community? I started attending Community in Escondido several years ago. I cannot remember when. My youngest son, Greg, started going to the middle school events. He had a really great admiration for Jim Meyer so I thought that Community was a good place for us...

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Tags: foster care, adoption, foster mom, godmother, children, church

Interview with Mary McGlasson - Community Tree Project

Posted by Carol Schuler on

FAMILY Mary was the second of seven girls. She also has one brother. Mary fondly remembers her mother: “She was a very caring, loving, giving, and hard-working mom who protected her brood with discipline like a mother hen. She found ways – ingenuity – to get by, living on bare...

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